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What's RoboForm Plug-in?

Still trying to remember passwords? Still filling out online forms manually? RoboForm plug-in will help you do it. Passwords are securely stored in your computer and protected by Master Password.

  • RoboForm,
  • - Saves online passwords with strong encryption,
  • - Automatically fills in online passwords to login forms,
  • - Clicks Login/Submit button for you,
  • - Fills long registration and checkout forms from multiple personal profiles,
  • - Generates random secure passwords for you,
  • - Encrypts sensitive data and passwords with Master Password,
  • - Backs up and restores your passwords,
  • - No adware or spyware.

Author of Avant Browser says:

I strongly recommend trying RoboForm. I use RoboForm myself and I love it. AvantBrowser + RoboForm -- this is the right way to surf the Net.