Avant Browser Help - Roboform

Still trying to remember passwords?, still filling out online forms manually?, let Roboform do it for you!. Passwords are stored security on your computer, and are protected by a master password.

  1. Saves online passwords using strong encryption
  2. Automatically fills in passwords for login forms
  3. Clicks Login/Submit buttons for you
  4. Fills long registration and checkout forms from multiple personal profiles
  5. Generates random secure passwords
  6. Encrypts sensitive data and passwords with master password
  7. Backup/restore your passwords
  8. No adware, spyware or other malware

Note: Roboform is trialware. After the 30 day trial, some features are no longer available until the Pro version is purchased ($29.99).

Roboform homepage: http://www.roboform.net

To auto-download roboform for Avant Browser, select the "Help > Download secure 1-click password manager/forms filler plug-in ..." menu, or click here


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