Avant Browser Help - AD Blocker

What is the AD Blocker?

The AD Blocker allows you to have Avant Browser block all adverts on a webpage, which speeds up loading time, and helps prevent your having tracking cookies installed.

Customizing the black list

All items in the AD Blockers black list are automatically filtered out when they are found in the webpage you are loading.

To add a new item to the black list, click Add, and enter the item you would like black listed.

The Exception List

All items in the AD Blockers Exception List are NOT blocked by Avant Browser

Enabling the AD Blocker

To enable the AD Blocker, select the Tools menu, and click Enable AD Blocker.

This can also be enabled via the Tools > Avant Browser Options > AD Blocker dialog

Display the URL of blocked ADs

When enabled, this option will display a tooltip in the lower corner of the screen with the URL of each blocked AD.


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