Help Translating

We have just finished the tri-core Avant Browser 2012 build 30. In this version, we have integrated chrome rendering engine and implemented many great features. We need your help to translate a few new scripts to make this new version available in your language. It's very easy, you just need to translate words in the right of "=", and keep "%s", "..." and ":" in the following text file.


Scripts need translating in tri-core Avant Browser 2012:

  • [TfrmBrowserMDIMain]
  • tbxDefaultBrowser_C=Default Browser
  • chbDefaultBrowser_C=Check if Avant Browser is your default web browser on startup.
  • lblDefaultBrowser_C=Would you like to make Avant Browser your default web browser?
  • actWKTaskManager_C=Task Manager
  • actOpenNewIE7_C=Open with IE Compatible Engine
  • actOpenNewIE8_C=Open with IE8 Engine
  • actOpenNewIE9_C=Open with IE9 Engine
  • actOpenNewFF_C=Open with Firefox Engine
  • actOpenNewWK_C=Open with Webkit Engine
  • actScrollTop_C=Go to Top
  • actScrollBottom_C=Go to Bottom

For Example:

      sWaitFor=Wait For %s...

Please translate "Wait For" to your language.

Now we are still missing the following launguages:

Catalan,Galician,Afrikaans, Albanian, Estonian, Finnish, Frisian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Macedonian,

Norwegian (Nynorsk), Serbian, Slovenian, Thailand ...

If you speak any of these launguages, we would really appreciate if you could help.

Please send your translation to # to @).


Avant Team.