Avant Browser Announced its Three Core Browser Developement Progress

The duel core Avant Browser 2012 was just released 1 month ago, Avant Force quickly turned to the new plan---Integrating Chrome engine Webkit to Avant Brower. After a period of hard work, the recent progress of Avant Force on the three core browser can be shown by the following picture.

Three Core Development Progress of Avant Browser

Image 1

In the near future users can render pages with four different rendering engines ie7/ie9/gecko/webkit in the same window. They just have to right-click the arrow button on the right of the Address Bar and select the wanted engine in the Drop-Download list for easily switching between multiple engines.

Three Core Development Progress of Avant Browser

Image 2

It's predicted that the first test version of three core Avant Browser will come in 2 - 3 months.

The latest Avant Browser 2012 benefits from both IE and Firefox engine without losing its own characteristics. There are less compatibility issues found between IE engine and third-party plugins; Firefox 8.0 has the advantages of faster javascript manipulation speed and abundant extensions. The multi-process system of Avant Browser 2012 prevents the browser window from freezing when one or more tabs crash as well as guarantees less memory consumption by closing the tabs to free the memory taken. Furthermore, Avant Browser benefits user's surfing experience by built-in rich features like Online Storage,Mouse Gesture,AutoFill,Detach Tab,Avant Downloader,Video Sniffer,Split Screen,Speed Dial,URL Alias,AD Blocker,etc.

Chrome gained reputation for the fast page load time. Will Avant Browser get the best of the three most popular browsers nowadays? Let's wait and see.