Avant Browser Help - The View Menu
  1. Standard Buttons

    Toggles standard buttons (hidden/visible)

  2. Address Bar

    Toggles address bar (hidden/visible)

  3. Search Bar

    Toggles search bar (hidden/visible)

  4. Bookmarks Bar

    Toggles bookmarks bar (hidden/visible)

  5. Add-on Buttons

    Toggles add-on buttons (hidden/visible)

  6. Similar Websites

    Toggles similar websites bar (hidden/visible)

  7. Window Tabs

    Toggles Tabs (hidden/visible)

  8. Status Bar

    Toggles Status bar (hidden/visible)


  9. Lock the Toolbars

    Prevent toobars being moved/modified

  10. Customise Buttons

    Add/Remove toolbar buttons, menu items


  11. Search

    Toggles Search side panel (hidden/visible)


    Toggles Bookmarks side panel (hidden/visible)

  13. RSS

    Toggles RSS side panel (hidden/visible)

  14. History

    Toggles History side panel (hidden/visible)

  15. Blocked URLs

    Toggles Blocked URLs side panel (hidden/visible)


  16. Zoom

    Allows you to zoom in or out of the current webpage

  17. Text Size

    Allows you to change the size of the text on the active webpage

  18. Encoding Language

    Allows you to change the encoding language for the current webpage


  19. Source

    Shows source code for the webpage in the active browser window

  20. Privacy Report

    Shows the Internet Explorer Privacy Report dialog

  21. Full Screen

    Toggles Full Screen mode (on/off)

  22. Full Desktop

    Toggles Full Desktop mode (on/off)

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