Avant Browser Help - The Tools Menu
  1. Translate

    Translate the current webpage using the Google or WorldLingo online webpage translation service.

  2. Mail

    1. New Message

      Compose an e-mail

    2. Send a Link

      Send a link to the current webpage via e-mail

    3. Send Page

      Send the current webpage via e-mail


    4. Read Mail

      Brings your e-mail client to the foreground

  3. Clear Records

    1. Clear Typed Address

      Delete typed Webpage addresses

    2. Clear Recent Pages

      Delete list of recent pages

    3. Clear Auto-Complete Passwords

      Delete saved passwords

    4. Clear Cookies

      Delete cookies

    5. Clear History of Visited Web Sites

      Delete webpage history

    6. Clear Temporary Internet Files

      Delete Temporary Internet Files

    7. Clear Search Keywords

      Delete typed search keywords

    8. Clear Blocked AD List

      Delete list of blocked adverts

    9. Clear Blocked Popup List

      Delete list of blocked popups


    10. Clear All Records

      Delete all afformentioned items

  4. Proxy

    1. Customise

      Shows Proxy customisation options


    2. Internet Explorer Settings

      When checked, uses the Internet Explorer proxy settings

    3. Connect Directly

      Disregard proxy settings and connect to webpages directly

  5. Skins

    Change your skin

  6. Interface Language

    Change Avant Browser interface language


  7. Enable AD Blocker

    Enable Avant Browser AD Blocker

  8. Block Unwanted Pop-up Pages

    Enable/disable pop-up blocker

  9. Play Sound When Pop-up Page is Blocked

    Plays a sound file when a pop-up is blocked

  10. Open Pop-up Pages in the Foreground

    Toggle foreground/background loading for pop-up pages

  11. Disable Pictures

    Enable/disable images

  12. Disable Flash Animations

    Enable/disable Macromedia Flash

  13. Disable Sounds

    Enable/disable sound file's in webpages

  14. Disable Videos

    Enable/disable video file's in webpages

  15. Disable ActiveX

    Enable/disable ActiveX objects in webpages

  16. Disable Scripts

    Enable/disable scripting in webpages

  17. Disable Java Applets

    Enable/disable Java Applets in webpages


  18. Avant Browser Options

    Shows Avant Browser Options dialog

  19. Internet Options

    Shows main Internet Options dialog

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