Avant Browser Help - Tabs Bar

The tabs bar shows "tabs" for each website you have open, which is intended to make it easier to switch between the website's.

When right clicking on a tab, you will see the following menu;

Add to Favorites adds the webpage to your Favorites list.

Add to Links adds a shortcut to the website, to your links bar.

Add to Group allows you to add the website to one or more of your Groups lists.

PopUp Blocker allows you to add the website and/or all links contained within it, to your Pop-Up blockers black list.

Close All closes all browser windows

Close All Except Current closes all except the active window

Close Checked shows the "Close Checked" dialog which allows you to selectively close the windows you currently have open

Duplicate opens the current webpage in a new window

Auto-Refresh allows you to enable/disable auto-refresh for the current webpage

Refresh refreshes the active window

Restore restores the active window to it's "normal" height, width and position

Minimise minimises the active window

Maximise maximises the active window

Close Closes the active window

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