What's New in the Latest Version?

Avant Browser 2014 build 2, Released 3.6.2014

  • [Update]Chrome engine:33.0.1750.146
  • [Update]Firefox engine:
  • [Fix]Some problems may cause webpage crash
  • [Fix]Extra window pops up when clear all records
  • [Fix]Internal frame larger than screen 1-2px
  • [Fix]"Disable flash animation" option doesn't work under chrome engine sometimes
  • [Fix]"Save as" window doesn't pop up when saving selected region as image in XP
  • [Fix]Chrome addon warning bar disappears immediately after it is shown
  • [Fix]Open local webpage cause search result open under firefox engine

Avant Browser 2014 build 1, Released 1.6.2014

  • [Fix]Full Screen/Desktop mode won't keep when restart

Avant Browser 2013 build 120, Released 12.22.2013

  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:31.0.1650.63
  • [Fix]Cannot save logins under Chrome engine
  • [Fix]Problem of full screen/full destop mode
  • [Fix]status bar will flash outwhen moving mouse to the top under full screen/desktop mode
  • [Fix]Search bar cannot get focus when right clicking it

Avant Browser 2013 build 119, Released 11.06.2013

  • [Update]support IE 11
  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:30.0.1599.101
  • [Fix]Cannot open Help page
  • [Fix]Cannot load certain speed dial
  • [Fix]Cannot input text under firefox engine sometimes
  • [Fix]Cannot save non- English URL alias
  • [Fix]Other minor problems

Avant Browser 2013 build 118, Released 9.23.2013

  • [Update]Chrome engine:29.0.1547.76
  • [Fix]On some computer, Chrome engine crashes on the first run right after windows startup
  • [Fix]Display issue of "Download All" function on Firefox's context menu

Avant Browser 2013 build 117, Released 9.21.2013

  • [Fix]Avant crashes when opening certain page using IE10 engine
  • [Fix]Share link to Facebook problem under Chrome engine

Avant Browser 2013 build 115, Released 9.12.2013

  • [Update]Firefox engine:23.0.1
  • [Update]Chrome engine:29.0.1547.66
  • [Fix]border doesn't change color when swtich skins
  • [Fix]Cannot open certain shortcuts when using unicode system
  • [Fix]Display issues when connect/disconnect monitors

Avant Browser 2013 build 113, Released 8.26.2013

  • [Fix]No floating toolbar under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Cannot open new tab in background under IE engine
  • [Fix]The menu on top corner are covered when open the fourth tab
  • [Fix]Bookmark this page option in page content menu not working

Avant Browser 2013 build 112, Released 8.19.2013

  • [Update]Firefox engine:
  • [Update]Chrome engine:28.0.1500.95
  • [Improve]Reduced the CPU usage of chrome engine
  • [Add]Import the bookmarks from default browser(firefox/chrome)into Avant automatically.
  • [Fix]Don't show related links when add new speed dail under IE engine
  • [Fix]Chrome engine processes don't exit automatically when close Avant
  • [Fix]The setting of auto-complete loses effect under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Toolbar setting cannot be saved in online storage
  • [Fix]Avant is not on the top when opening a link from a folder.
  • [Fix]Correct spelling of one word in download manager
  • [Fix]Unreadable code under menus in Chinese system.
  • [Fix]Some extensions lose effect after restart under firefox engine.
  • [Fix]Fixed a bug of IE engine that may result in crash on some system

Avant Browser 2013 build 110, Released 7.12.2013

  • [Updated]Fireox engine:
  • [Updated]Chrome engine: 28.0.1500.71
  • [Fix]Cannot save toolbar setting in online storage
  • [Fix]Zoom size problem of new page

Avant Browser 2013 build 108, Released 6.19.2013

  • [Updated]fireox engine:
  • [Updated]chrome engine:27.0.1453.110
  • [Fix]Images are not saved corretly under chrome engine
  • [Fix]The setting to clear records when Avant exits loses effect under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Lock toolbar problem
  • [Fix]Play video problem under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Cannot move autofills
  • [Fix]Cannot move bookmarks on bookmarks bar
  • [Fix]Cannot add bookmarks on bookmarks bar
  • [Fix]Unicode url problem
  • [Fix]The content menu problem of tabs when tab bar is on bottom.
  • [Fix]The confirmation window to close Avant pops up twice
  • [Fix]Cannot save window size
  • [Fix]Detached tab cannot keep on top
  • [Fix]The position problem of favicon and url on address bar
  • [Fix]Other minor problems

Avant Browser 2013 build 107, Released 5.2.2013

  • [Updated]fireox engine:
  • [Updated]chrome engine:26.0.1410.64
  • [Improve]Improved User Interface
  • [Improve]Reduced CPU usage
  • [Fix]Avant always opens as compact style
  • [Fix]Reduced the minimize width of add-on bar
  • [Fix]Some UI problems
  • [Fix]The whole sidebar can be moved
  • [Fix]Drop down list of standard buttons.
  • [Fix]Cannot select user-defined search engine in win8
  • [Fix]Cannot move Avant window when in restore state using opal skins,
  • [Fix]Cannot operate the tabs on second tab row
  • [Fix]Standard buttons bar doesn't have content menu
  • [Fix]cannot click the drop down list of management bar
  • [Fix]Unicode url problem
  • [Fix]mouse gesture stays on webpage in XP
  • [Fix]date on copyright page
  • [Fix]browser is unusable when opening more than two windows
  • [Fix]Auto hide taskbar problem
  • [Fix]The file name of attachment is unreadable using Avant downloader
  • [Fix]F8 shortcut loses effect
  • [Fix]No sidebar icon on status bar
  • [Fix]split view problems
  • [Fix]ctrl+mouse wheel shortcut loses effect
  • [Fix]view toolbars problem
  • [Fix]Two Avant icons when using alt+tab shortcut.

Avant Browser 2013 build 23, Released 4.3.2013

  • [Fix]Failed to download a certain file
  • [Fix]Avant got the focus when pages finish loading
  • [Fix]drag and drop link to tab bar problem
  • [Fix]bookmarks disappeared under new interface
  • [Fix]couldn't use thunder download in content menu under IE engine
  • [Fix]blank bar on the bottom in win8
  • [Fix]link stayed on desktop
  • [Fix]google map problem
  • [Fix]alt+S problem
  • [Fix]ctrl+click didn't work under IE engine
  • [Fix]tabs opened from group were in disorder
  • [Fix]middle mouse button opened links in current page sometimes
  • [Fix]taskbar was covered by Avant bottom or Avant bottom hided behind taskar sometimes
  • [Fix]couldn't keep the position of toolbars under new interface
  • [Fix]login problem on certain website
  • [Fix]didn't show padlock and green backgroud on address bar when opening https sites under firefox engine

Avant Browser 2013 build 21, Released 3.11.2013

  • [Update]firefox engine:19.0.2
  • [update]chrome engine:25.0.1364.160
  • [Fix]print preview problem under IE engine
  • [Fix]roboform:couldn't fill form using content menu
  • [Fix]some focus problem
  • [Fix]close tab problem when using different ways to open tabs
  • [Fix]Avant covered the taskbar when in maximize state
  • [Fix]Avant frame did not respond under certain situation
  • [Fix]link tooltip didn't show up sometimes under IE engine
  • [Fix]three buttons missed under full screen/desktop mode
  • [Fix]detach tab problem
  • [Fix]the auto hided taskbar didn't pop up sometimes
  • [Fix]taskbar didn't pop up when pressing Windows key under full screen mode

Avant Browser 2013 build 17, Released 2.26.2013

  • [Fix]messy code problem when using baidu search engine
  • [Fix]speed dial problem
  • [Fix]download window poped up behind browser
  • [Fix]taskbar didn't show up when minimizing fullscreen
  • [Fix]content menu flash under firefox engine
  • [Fix]auto hided taskbar didn't show up under full desktop mode
  • [Fix]Avant toolbars may jump out when watching fullscreen video
  • [Fix]the problem when switching to Avant from other application
  • [Fix]ctrl+F didn't get focus
  • [Fix]“open all links in this folder”only open one link
  • [Fix]switch tab problem using middle mouse key+right mouse key
  • [Fix]close tab problem
  • [Fix]some button appeared after using split view
  • [Fix]F3/ctrl+g lost effect