What's New in the Latest Version?

Avant Browser 2015 build 10, Released 3.5.2015

  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:40.0.2214.115
  • [Fix]"Aw Snap" crash problem under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Cannot login certain website under firefox engine
  • [Fix]Descriptions of chrome engine are not consistent
  • [Fix]The dropdown list of search bar is covered by sidebar

Avant Browser 2015 build 9, Released 2.10.2015

  • [Change]Firefox.exe changes to gecko.exe,chrome.exe changes to webkit.exe
  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:40.0.2214.114
  • [Fix]New tab opens in the backgroud sometimes
  • [Fix]Download File is corrupt when downloding from FTP site with multiple instances
  • [Fix]Corresponding unfinished files will be deleted when deleting the tasks in download manager
  • [Fix]Google sheets crash sometimes
  • [Fix]Web security warnings keep popping up on some website
  • [Fix]Saved forms cannot autofill sometimes
  • [Fix]Content menu pops up when using right and middle mouse button to switch tabs on tab bar
  • [Fix]Pages duplicate when open multiple pages at the same time

Avant Browser 2015 build 7, Released 12.19.2014

  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:39.0.2171.95
  • [Fix]Firefox engine cannot empty cache
  • [Fix]Chrome engine crashes when open amazon.com

Avant Browser 2015 build 6, Released 11.05.2014

  • [Update]firefox:
  • [Update]chrome:38.0.2125.111
  • [Add][private mode] word on title bar when using private mode
  • [Add]Manual sync option of online storage
  • [Fix]Disable flash animation option doesn't works under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Some images don't display under IE engine

Avant Browser 2015 build 5, Released 10.20.2014

  • [Update]Chrome: 38.0.2125.104
  • [Fix]Chrome Engine can't start on some PCs

Avant Browser 2015 build 2, Released 9.29.2014

  • [Update]Chrome: 37.0.2062.124
  • [Update]Firefox: 32.0.3
  • [Fix]Cannot zoom webpage under chrome engine
  • [Fix]A problem that may cause firefox engine crash
  • [Fix]"Open in the other split side"option loses effect
  • [Fix]The problem of putting tab bar on bottom when task bar is on top
  • [Fix]Using win+space to switch the input method cause focus lost
  • [Fix]URL changes when openning a blank tab under chrome engine
  • [Fix]My yahoo page doesn't open under IE11 engine
  • [Fix]Certain webpage doesn't display correctly under IE11 engine

Avant Browser 2014 build 7, Released 6.25.2014

  • [Fix]Autofills causes freezing/crash
  • [Fix]Firefox UserAgent Error

Avant Browser 2014 build 6, Released 6.23.2014

  • [Update]chrome:35.0.1916.153
  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Fix]Image isn't saved correctly under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Unable to change the rendering engine of the sites which have been assigned with firefox engine to IE engine via address bar
  • [Fix]Exported bookmarks have mess code
  • [Fix]Some video unable to play under IE engine
  • [Fix]Wrong zoom size under firefox engine
  • [Fix]Back shortcut back two page at a time
  • [Fix]Some pages diaplay incorrectly under chrome engine

Avant Browser 2014 build 5, Released 4.29.2014

  • [Update]Chrome:34.0.1847.131
  • [Fix]Chrome engine crashed when clearing records
  • [Fix]Under firefox/chrome engine,visited links didn't be cleared after clearing all records
  • [Fix]Cannot save logins under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Cannot search keywords on address bar under chrome engine
  • [Fix]Taskbar didn't disappear when watching videos in fullscreen
  • [Fix]Taskbar didn't disappear under full sreen mode
  • [Fix]Toolbars still visiable when minimizing Avant under full screen/desktop mode
  • [Fix]Blank page problem under firefox engine

Avant Browser 2014 build 3, Released 4.18.2014

  • [Update]Chrome engine:34.0.1847.116
  • [Add]Basque language
  • [Fix]New opened pages show blank after openning firefox downloader manager or detaching tab
  • [Fix]Tools>chrome>task manager option not working
  • [Fix]Youtube video has two sounds after refreshing under chrome engine

Avant Browser 2014 build 2, Released 3.6.2014

  • [Update]Chrome engine:33.0.1750.146
  • [Update]Firefox engine:
  • [Fix]Some problems may cause webpage crash
  • [Fix]Extra window pops up when clear all records
  • [Fix]Internal frame larger than screen 1-2px
  • [Fix]"Disable flash animation" option doesn't work under chrome engine sometimes
  • [Fix]"Save as" window doesn't pop up when saving selected region as image in XP
  • [Fix]Chrome addon warning bar disappears immediately after it is shown
  • [Fix]Open local webpage cause search result open under firefox engine

Avant Browser 2014 build 1, Released 1.6.2014

  • [Fix]Full Screen/Desktop mode won't keep when restart

Avant Browser 2013 build 120, Released 12.22.2013

  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:31.0.1650.63
  • [Fix]Cannot save logins under Chrome engine
  • [Fix]Problem of full screen/full destop mode
  • [Fix]status bar will flash outwhen moving mouse to the top under full screen/desktop mode
  • [Fix]Search bar cannot get focus when right clicking it

Avant Browser 2013 build 119, Released 11.06.2013

  • [Update]support IE 11
  • [Update]Firefox:
  • [Update]Chrome:30.0.1599.101
  • [Fix]Cannot open Help page
  • [Fix]Cannot load certain speed dial
  • [Fix]Cannot input text under firefox engine sometimes
  • [Fix]Cannot save non- English URL alias
  • [Fix]Other minor problems

Avant Browser 2013 build 118, Released 9.23.2013

  • [Update]Chrome engine:29.0.1547.76
  • [Fix]On some computer, Chrome engine crashes on the first run right after windows startup
  • [Fix]Display issue of "Download All" function on Firefox's context menu