Avant Browser Help - Getting Started

At first, please read all following most useful tips:

1. Mouse Middle Button: Clicking a link in the active webpage, opens the link in a new window, in the background.

2. Address Bar Right-Click Menu: Right clicking the dropdown list in the address bar allows you to open the selected item in a new window and/or delete the item from the list.

3. Download Options: Avant Browser is able to block Flash Animations, Pictures, Sounds, and Videos which can save you up to 95% of your bandwidth. These options can be found in the Tools menu.

4. CTRL Key: Pressing the CTRL key while opening a new page results in the new page being opened in the background.

5. SHIFT Key: Holding down the SHIFT key while opening a link, favorite, history item, recently open page, search result or even an address will result in the target being opened in a new window.

6. Full Screen/Desktop Mode: You should try the full screen mode and full desktop mode which can be found in the View menu. All toolbars are auto-hidden whilst you are in these modes.

7. Password Manager: Still trying to remember passwords? Still filling out online forms manually? AI-RoboForm plug-in will help you do it. Passwords are securely stored in your computer and protected by a Master Password. With AI-RoboForm, you can fill out any form with just one click. If you don't have AI-RoboForm installed, you can download AI-RoboForm Plug-in for Avant Browser via the Help menu.

8. Detachable Toolbars: All toolbars within Avant Browser are detachable. You can drag them anywhere on the screen. See Moving your Toolbars.

9. Closing Windows: You can close a window by clicking the tab button with the Middle mouse button, double-clicking the tab button with the Left mouse button, or clicking the tab button with the Left mouse button while holding down the CTRL key.

10. Records Cleaner: Avant Browser can help you keep your privacy by clearing all records that are generated when you browse the internet. To do this click Tools > Clear Records > Clear All Records to clear typed addresses, recently opened pages, web page passwords, cookies, history, search passwords and temporary Internet files.

11. Recent Pages: Recently opened pages can be re-opened by selecting Open Recent from the File menu.

12. Mouse Gestures:

Mouse Button Gestures:

Navigate Backward: Hold the right button then click the left button simultaneously, the current page will navigate to the previous page in history.

Navigate Forward: Hold the left button then click the right button simultaneously, the current page will navigate to the next page in history.

More Mouse Gestures:

To use a mouse gesture, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse in the direction indicated below, then release the right mouse button.

Gesture Function
Create new tab in the foreground
Create new tab in the background
Navigate the active window back a page in the history
Navigate the active window forward a page in the history
Activate previous window
Activate next window
Close all except the active window
Close all windows
Go up to the father directory
Refresh the active window
Activate the first window
Activate the last window
Check the window to be closed
Hide Avant Browser
Close the activated window.
Open the recently closed window


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